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الرئيسية » 2012 » أغسطس » 26 » Definition of Islam to non-Arabic speakers
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Definition of Islam to non-Arabic speakers

Definition of Islam to non-Arabic speakers

تعريف الاسلام لغير الناطقين بالعربية

What is Islam?

Islam: theology and law to ensure that all human beings what he needs at
different stages of life.

Q: Who systems Islam?

Islam is not a reflection of human beings, but revealed (God) Almighty

Q: Is Islam a viable

Will is for all
time, and place, and the nation?

Allah Almighty Islam to be a religion of human beings forever in all times and
the country, and for all nations.

Q: Who sent down to Islam?

Allah revealed Islam to another prophets Muhammad (may Allah bless him and his

Q: At any time the Prophet
of Islam?

Before (four centuries) and after Christ (peace be upon him), including
approximately (five centuries) In this year a year (1387) AH, goes the life of
Islam thousand and four hundred years, and coincides with the year (1967) of
the birth of Christ (peace be upon him)


What is the difference between the religion of Islam, and the religion of
Christ, and the religion of Moses kilims and other religions?

religions revealed by God from heaven to earth and every religion was many
decades suit initiated that debt to him, if religion came late, copies of
religion before, and so it is Islam last religions downloaded from the sky to
guide people.

difference between the religions difference between schools gradient (primary,
secondary, college), and so whenever tantamount rights came Dean completed fits
paper, came up Islam, which is the religion of humanity forever and religions
are not different in essence, but differ in some features and privacy,
according to different ranks of evolution humans.

Q: Is Islam a sophisticated or

A: Islam has two aspects:

hard side, which is not correct when evolution, which is the side on which the
leak to the development cause madness and corruption, for example: good
(honesty) and (Secretariat) and ugliness (injustice) and (avarice), the
inviolability (AMA) and (murder) and the necessity of (prayer

(f) fasting) and
unnecessary (customer satisfaction) and so on.

side evolving true when the switch and change, Islam said general rules
applicable to things developed, for example: If you changed the means of
transport of (Livestock) to (vehicles) to (car) to (aircraft) to (rocket), and
changed the means of lighting

(wax) to (oil) to the (electricity) to (corn) Thus, Islam has permitted this
development, but urged it to different needs.

Q: Is Islam enough
for all the needs of human beings?

How so?

Islam is enough for all the needs of human beings, because it is a religion
revealed by God in all things.

As he how Islam is

is because (the Qur'an al-Hakim) and (Sunnah) Pena two of the legislation:

legislation which provides for specific topics, about the sanctity of (drinking

College of legislation, which ensures public issues, about the sanctity of
(drinking every intoxicant).

How do you say that Islam is enough for all the needs of all human beings, we
may see new things, did not have mentioned in (the Koran) and (year), for
example: (banks) and (insurance) and ...

It did not have when it is
not Islam eye effect?

Islam is a religion where God who revealed to guide people forever, and God
knows everything so it was as sponsoring for all the needs of human beings,
even renewable them ..

examples, which you mentioned, between Islam reigns Pthariath college, P (the
Bank) is a number of things mentioned in the legislation Islam (loan) and
(ensure) and (Money) and the like .. And
(insurance) is included for saying the Almighty: (except it be a trade amongst
you) (1).

His saying: (fulfilled contracts) (2) tapes mentioned in the books

Q: What is needed to Islam?

Islam also offers theology and law, and the Islamic faith, they (first) the
fact, who does not believe it, we thought of a fairy tale, and (ii) that the
Islamic faith does not believe in the Hereafter will be a loser.

Islamic law, who does not abide by the demolition of his worldly requires as
well as punishment in the afterlife, then Islamic law is better than all the
laws and regulations that are suited to the case of human beings at different
stages of life and human happiness, the bulk in the world and the Hereafter
depends on Islam.

(I) How do we know that behind this world another world called (the Hereafter)
human happiness depends on where Islam ..?

(ii) What is the evidence that Islamic law is better than all the laws and the
laws, they are in no fittest humans exclusively ...?

The presence of the other world after this world, which indicate it scientific
evidence mentioned in the books (speech) as indicated by the research
(psychological) Kaltenoam magnetic and conjuring, and the like function on the
immortality of the soul after death (3).

that Islamic law is better than all the laws and (laws) same is shown in
comparison between the laws of Islam and other laws designed to various needs
of human beings (4).

Here's a
summary of the testimony Western scientists on this topic.

(Bernard Shaw): (is that if given the world the European man like Muhammad
among the lips of ills all, it must be called the savior of humanity ... I
believe that religion Muhammadiyah is the only religion which possess all the
tapes needed, and the consent of various walks of life ..

predicted that the religion of Muhammad will be accepted by Europe tomorrow has
appeared that would be acceptable to have the greatest need today ... what the
world today to solve the problems of man Kmamed the world).

He says
(Dr. Jrene French member of the House of Representatives):

all the Koranic verses that are linked to the natural sciences, health and
medical studied by the kid, and I understood well, I found them to apply all
applicable to our knowledge of modern, in Islam, because I realized that
Muhammad came right explicit by a thousand years, is to have a teacher or a
teacher from

although the owner of all the art of arts or science of science Compare all the
verses related to what one knows as good as compared to the safest I without a
doubt, that was a reasonable person, devoid of purpose).

He says (Marx Doctor of

is the first messenger recorded all his words, and here wishes Rights Center
Premier enjoyed by Muhammad, and enjoyed speeches of Health and precision ..
honesty, hard truth is that it has sent a messenger to renew message to the
world is the elite consignments above, his message is the Constitution hard

to the world, all
brought by Muhammad palate modern minds).

He says (Shirl
Dean of the Faculty of Law, University Vienna):

Human proud of having a (big man like Muhammad) to that, despite his wish
managed by a few centuries to come we will be legislation we Europeans would be
very happy if we got to the peak after two thousand years).

He says (Dr. of Retin):

religion had confirmed the permission of the first hour of his appearance in
the life of the Prophet that religion in general, if valid for each race were
valid necessarily every mind, and each degree of civilization).

He says (philosopher
Kirells first):

Middle legally have organized and founded by the Arab philosopher (Muhammad) if
the world of all its elements follow the approach of this Arab philosopher and
committed all Bakannouna not Iike in the whole world, but two single state has
not missed two did not lack a to a).

the many other statements, thinkers and philosophers West.

Q: How many Muslims today's

unknown exactly, but the statistics mentioned in some books and magazines,
suggest that the number approximately (eight hundred one million) (5) people.

Q: Where dwells Muslims?

Muslims are deployed in every country in the world almost, mostly in (Asia) and


Do Muslims believe that their religion will be the religion of the people of
the whole world?

Yes, Muslims believe that their religion will be the religion of the people of
the world until there is no non-Muslim at all, as promised Koran wise when he
said: (to proclaim it over all religion) (6) In conversations frequently from
the Prophet and the Imams pure peace be upon them that in the last decade man

of the Prophet of Islam called (Imam Mahdi) (peace be upon him) is circulated
Islam in all the earth (7).

Q: What is the
view of Islam (worldly life)?

Is Islam a religion
(Article) or (the spirit) or two?

Look Islam to life, to matter and spirit summed up in the words of the Almighty
in the Qur'an al-Hakim: (and some of them say Lord give us good in this world
and in the Hereafter good and agony of the Fire For them share than they earned)
(Cool In Hadith: (not one of us left

Dniah to the Hereafter,
and not one of us who left this world to the Hereafter) (9).

the modern one: (I work for your earthly lives like never, and I work pants if
you die tomorrow) (10).

What are the limits of the country's Islamic in previous centuries, and in this

And how Islam spread?

need to see these topics to many readings in multiple books, and enough access
to the summary by reviewing the book: (a map of the Muslim world) and book (call
to Islam).

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